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Pay attention to the office of feng shui

By wudi711 - July 6th, 2012, 19:34, Category: design

1, goldfish is called the feng shui fish, so in the office inside goldfish can make up the defects of feng shui, let the office has the vigor have vitality. office furniture deskneize225dwThe size of the fish tank wants moderate, keep clean around. Fish died immediately go to remove, top of the fish can't put like god.

2, the color of black ash to avoid office, appropriate USES white yellow, blue, green. The color of the smallpox to light avoid is heavy, smallpox representative day, color should be fresh, can just light white, also can use weak yellow green to do an ornament, looks like blue sky, white clouds. The color of the floor and smallpox in turn, appropriate USES dark, look a heavy feeling.

3, wall clock in the hallway and office plays a very important role in the office is in adornment. In these places wall clock has five functions: one a thriving business; Two ward off evil spirits gas; Three help host movement; Four men can manage; Five computing time. The clock to hang the place, positive direction is toward the door or the direction of the balcony.

4, if housing hall too dark, can with hanging and pictures to make up. Hang a picture to the content must be aboveboard; Hang in the water landscape painting hall to the house flow, water like in the flow symbol a thriving business, is to lose money to the mean; Draw the bow of the ship to the house should, within sight but symbol to yourselves; The calligraphy and painting of giovanni cobolli gigli has the peony painting indicative riches and honour, annual and superabundant lotus and brocade carp figure, longevity and health cypresses figure, etc.; Word symbolizes good fortune to figure the main kind of prayer and good calligraphy as well.